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Regional Delivery

Serving MD, PA, NJ, DE, VA, DC

How It Works

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We'll contact you when:
1. Your order is packed & estimated delivery day
2. The day prior to delivery with a UPS tracking number

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do after ordering? 

We will send you an email the day before delivery. Just wait for your box of pasture raised deliciousness to arrive. We'll send you the tracking number when we ship your order.

When do you deliver?

We aim to ship via UPS/FedEx within 48 hours of your order. Your package will be sent overnight. You will likely receive it the afternoon following our email to you that we shipped.

Do I need to need to be home for delivery?

Nope! UPS/FedEx will deliver your box just like any other package. 

When is my credit card charged?

When we ship your order.

Is there a cost for delivery?

Nope! Shipping is included in your order total.

Questions? Ask a Farmer!