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Whole Beef Share Pre-Order

Whole Beef Share Pre-Order

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In stock Pre-order

Order now for our next share fulfillment days in May 2023

Customer final take-home weight is approximately 350-370 pounds of vacuum-sealed cuts.

Each share is charged only on the weight that you take home and that is all costs included.

Whole Beef Share Includes:

2 Full -or- 4 Half Briskets

80 Steaks (thick-cut premium steaks & quick cut steaks)

8 Short Ribs 

20 Roasts  

120# Ground Beef; individually packaged

12# Beef Cubes; individually packaged

4 Marrow Bones

8 Bone Cuts (soup meat, soup bone & knuckle)

8 Cross-cut Shanks

1 Rack Back Ribs

*Additional items such as organs and suet may be added on, by request only, when the order is placed.  These are not automatically included. 

A $2800 non-refundable deposit will be charged when your share is scheduled. Your balance, based on the exact weight of your share will be charged when your share is packed and ready for pick-up/delivery.