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Healthy Habits: Small Changes

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August 19, 2023

Healthy Habits: Small Changes

Transitioning from a Standard American Diet (SAD) to a whole food, nutrient dense diet can be a life changing decision for you and your family, but that doesn't mean you can expect those changes to happen overnight. There is no shortage of resources telling us all the changes we can make to live an optimal life and obtain vibrant health, just ask social media; however, trying to make all those changes at once will lead to diving head first into the nearest box of donuts and ditching any good habits you may have built. 

Rather than participating in the same madness of overhauling your diet only to crash and burn, I recommend slowly implementing one change at a time. Select an area of your diet that you believe to be the most critical and focus on that until you have mastered the change. For example, rather than trying to change every meal of the day to your whole food diet standards all at once, begin with one meal (I usually recommend breakfast to start). Once you feel comfortable creating a healthy breakfast, you are ready to adapt your dinners and then lunch. Or rather than ditching every drop of sugar in your diet, start with cleaning up your morning cup of coffee. The small amount of success is enough to build momentum and carry you into the next critical change.

This healthy habit can be particularly helpful with children and less-than-enthused spouses. If you try to take away all the food comforts at once you may have a full-on rebellion in your house. Making one change at a time will allow your family to adjust and may gain you their support if you are providing delicious and filling meals, helping everyone feel and perform their best. Mom tip: animal fat makes everything taste better and that really applies to those veggies! 

Keep in mind that your health and wellness are not a race, but rather a journey that will twist and turn. Maintaining balance means understanding there will be times you stumble and revert back to old, poor dietary habits. You have not failed, you are simply human. Your health is worth a second, third, or fourth try. Today I ask you to show yourself grace and patience while embarking on your health journey, exchanging the idea of a quick fix for making one small change at a time.

Yours In Health,

Laura Tricarico, NTP

About the Author: 

Laura Tricarico graduated with a degree in Education from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington where she also competed as an athlete. After using dietary and lifestyle changes to overcome her own debilitating health issues that followed college, she decided to help others find true health and wellness. Understanding that most available nutrition information is incomplete or misunderstood, Laura pursued a holistic approach to nutrition. She received her certification in Nutritional Therapy through the Nutritional Therapy Association. It is her hope to provide you with reliable and clear information to help ease your adoption of a nutrient dense diet while supporting your long-term success. For more information, connect with her on Instagram @Laurabt_ntp

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