Pasture Raised Provisions

Amazingly real food straight from our regenerative family farm

Clean, nutrient-dense, local food for your family

Here's a few reasons to choose GVF

1 Responsible

Ethically raised animals, rotated holistically through the pastures and woods on our regenerative farm by people who care

2 Clean & Local

No GMO's, No Soy, No Antibiotics, No Hormones.

Dozens of Keto, Paleo & Whole30 compliant choices.

Sugar-free, no nitrate products

3 Convenient

Thousands of happy customers, easy online ordering & convenient home delivery or on-farm pick up options

How To Purchase

1 Easy Sign Up

Create your free account and choose to pick up at the farm or home delivery.

2 Stress Free Shopping

Browse through our selection of products and add to your shopping cart from the comfort of your home.

3 Place Your Order

Place your order by checking out. We’ll pull & pack your order then send you an email when it’s ready for delivery or pick up.

Virtual Farm Tour

All about the farm and the animals

What people are saying about GVF

Take it from them!

Lynn - "I agree with the previous comments, 5 stars isn't enough to accurately describe the value and commitment this farm brings to our local and surrounding communities. You truly are amazing stewards of the land and the animals that have been entrusted to you."

Carole - "A friend and I visited Grand View on Saturday and I came away knowing that I had found a piece of heaven on earth! Not only is the quality of what they offer beyond anything I had experienced but the care and honor given to the animals is 110% and what I had prayed for, right down to humane slaughter. I encourage you to go visit the farm, meet the whole family, see the beauty of what they are doing there and make your own decision."
April - "Seriously 5 stars does not do this farm justice! I thoroughly endorse the care of the animals, and, in fact, I'm blown away!"

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The GVF Blog - Our Life on the Farm

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This short rib plate makes a HUGE impression on any table! On the smoker or in the oven (or both!), a rack of grass-fed short ribs is an all-around treat.