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Smoked Ham Steak with Honey Mustard Sauce (can be cooked from frozen!)

November 17, 2021 • 0 comments

Smoked Ham Steak with Honey Mustard Sauce         (can be cooked from frozen!)
Cooking a smoked ham steak from frozen takes all of the panic out of last-minute dinners and unplanned breakfasts alike! The recipe saves the day in a pinch, but a thawed steak will go from fridge to plate in 15 minutes flat, check the notes.
  • Cook Time:



o  1 frozen Smoked Ham Steak (approx. 2 lbs.)

o  ¼ cup pineapple juice (may sub, see notes)

o  ¼ Tbsp. butter

Honey-Mustard Dipping Sauce:

o  1 Tbsp. coarse ground country Dijon mustard

o  1 Tbsp. Raw Unfiltered Honey

o  1 Tbsp. pineapple juice (optional)

o  1 Tbsp. mayo

o  1 tsp. prepared yellow mustard

o  1/8 tsp. onion powder

o  1/8 tsp. salt


1.      Place frozen steak into a thick-bottomed pan on the stove over medium-low, along with ¼ cup pineapple juice. Cover with a tight fitting lid and allow to cook for 10-15 minutes, flipping once. 

2.      Meanwhile, mix together the honey mustard sauce ingredients and place in the fridge.

3.      At the end of the 10-15 minutes, there should be noticably more liquid in the pan. The steak will be pliable and beginning to warm. 

4.      Remove the lid and increase the stove temp to medium-high for about 5 minutes, turning a few times, until most of the liquid had evaporated. 

5.      Turn the stove back down to medium to prevent the reduced juice from burning and add butter. Flip ham steaks often for a few more minutes or until browned to your liking. 

6.      Slice and serve with honey mustard dipping sauce. Enjoy!


  • If using a thawed smoked ham steak, simply decrease the initial cooking time to 5 minutes. Dinner in 15, wow!
  • You may substitute the 1/4 cup pineapple juice used for cooking with equal parts low or no sodium chicken bone broth or stock. You could alternatively use water, or take the opportunity to get creative!

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