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$150 Gift Card

$150 Gift Card

$150 Digital Gift Card

How it Works:

+ Enter your Info and "Checkout"
+ We'll send you two emails - One with your order confirmation and a separate with your gift card info
+ You may forward to gift card info email to the recipient or print it out to give in person


Does the Gift Card Expire?

Nope, as long as the card retains a balance it will not lose value or expire.

How do I buy multiple gift cards?

You may purchase multiple cards of the same denomination in the checkout window by selecting the appropriate quantity. For different denominations, please complete the checkout process again separately. 

Does this affect my Subscription?

No, this is a completely separate transaction from any Subscribe & Save order that you may have with us. 

Can I get a physical gift card?

Sure can! Please come to our on-farm store during Farm Store hours to purchase physical gift cards that can be used in the Farm Store. Please note, digital gift cards can be used on our website and physical gift cards can be used in our on-farm store, they are not interchangeable. 

** Gift cards may not be used to purchase other gift cards.