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Chicken Wings

Chicken Wings

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Click here for the crispy Oven "Fried" Honey-Old Bay Wings recipe.

It's all about the grass at GVF and this holds true for our broiler chickens as well. While chickens and pigs are not ruminates like cattle, they still need to be in the pasture to maintain health and a natural environment. The broilers arrive at GVF as day-old peeps from the hatchery. They are placed in the brooder house for protection, with access to soy-free & GMO-free feed and fresh water. They will spend about 4 weeks in the brooder house until they are ready to take on the elements out in the pasture. The broilers are then moved out to the pasture in our chicken tractors. Here they will have access to fresh grass, bugs and dirt as they are moved daily through the pasture. This keeps them clean and healthy with plenty of fresh air and sunlight.