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3 Ways to Protect Your Food Freedom

written by

Nick Bailey

posted on

July 2, 2023

☀️ Good Morning from Forest Hill! 🇺🇸

All year long the farmers here at GVF strive to provide our community with a wholesome alternative to the industrially produced, CAFO originated, heavily processed and adulterated commodity "food" system. Even "healthy food" purchased in the grocery store has likely been sprayed and traveled hundreds if not thousands of miles from where it was grown. 

As supporters of GVF, you are standing up for Food Freedom and protecting your right to exercise that Freedom. By participating in the local, regenerative food system you are telling the World that you believe this is the way it should be done. And believe me, they hear you now more than ever. 

With lab-grown meats making their way to consumers, it is more important than ever to reignite your passionate support for farms like ours.

In the spirit of July 4th and the celebration of our Freedoms as Americans, I wanted to provide you with 3 actionable ways to easily and effectively support wholesome food this week. 

#1 - Sign up for Subscribe & Save at GVF
When we launched Subscribe & Save we never imagined the magnitude of the positive affect it would have on our farm. The nearly 200 of you who have chosen to Subscribe to your orders has made a measurable and lasting impact on our farm and we could not be more grateful. By Subscribing, you are allowing us to more confidently expand to heal more land, raise more animals humanely and build a team of incredible folks who are advancing regenerative agriculture in brand new ways. 

#2 - Support The Farm-To-Consumer Legal Defense Fund
We have been members of the Defense Fund for many years now. They are a wonderful organization that works tirelessly to protect farms like ours. Each year they stand up to government organizations who do not want farms like GVF to exist. You can support the FTCLDF even if you aren't a farmer, here's the details. 

#3 - Support the Weston A. Price Foundation
We have been supporters of the Foundation for as long as I can remember because they do such great work. We always look forward to having the local chapter out each year to the farm for a private tour and cookout. If you care about wholesome food, your right to have access to it and consume it, please consider supporting this great organization and become involved yourself

Happy 4th of July to all of my fellow Americans!

Until next time, have a wonderful week!

Your farmer,

- Nick

Nick Bailey
Grand View Farm


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