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Conversations at the farm

written by

Nick Bailey

posted on

February 2, 2020

Over the past weekend I was lucky enough to spend some time in the farm store while it was open and I was reminded how much I enjoy talking with the folks who visit. Long time customer Linda and I ended up talking about everything from the politics of farming to what we are up to in 2020 and even encouragement to post more to the blog. Linda has been such a loyal supporter of the farm and our family for so long that she started as a customer and became a valued friend and ambassador for the farm. She mentioned to me that we should be posting more about the conversations that we have one on one with everyone who visits the farm and I couldn't agree more. We have such great conversations all the time and she thinks we should share it more with the whole GVF Tribe. So thanks to the encouragement from Linda, we'll be making notes about these conversations and questions from visitors and posting more on the blog for all to join in. We are so excited about 2020 and have so much to share! If there's something specific you'd like to talk about, please let us know so that we can reply!

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