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Experience a LIVE Chefs Event

written by

Nick Bailey

posted on

July 23, 2023

Have you ever wanted to experience the excitement of a Chef's Challenge LIVE in person? We'd love to have you come join the crew from Grand View Farm at the Harford County Farm Fair tomorrow, Monday July 24th at 6pm for the 2023 Chef's Challenge.

This year's Chef Challenge will feature a Pro division showcasing some of the Best Chefs in Harford County including Chef Bryan Boessel from One Eleven Main and Chef Zack Trabbold from The Local. They will compete alongside others using Grand View Farm meats to craft amazing culinary creations. Get there early to be front and center as these accomplished Chefs battle it out for this year's title! 


Speaking as the Dad of two young kids, I'm pretty excited that we're able to park onsite this year at the Farm Fair! As a parent, you'll understand how much more convenient onsite parking will be this year. 

So we'd love the opportunity to hangout with you at the Main Pavilion on the Farm Fairgrounds tomorrow at 6pm! 

2023 Chef's Challenge Event Details

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