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Our Statement on the mRNA Vaccine

written by

Nick Bailey

posted on

April 15, 2023

Every now and then a "hot topic" pops up in the news or on social media. I usually find out pretty quickly because my inbox fills up with lots of customers asking the same important question. The reported use of the mRNA vaccine in livestock is the latest instance of this for me.

Before we dig in a bit, I do want to mention and make the point that even if this never hit the news and so many of you never emailed or messaged us, Our animals still wouldn't be doing drugs. I want to take this opportunity to stamp in concrete that as a GVF customer you can eat confidently, every single time because you source your drug-free meat from us.

Ok so now that you've taken a deep breath, the rest of my message this morning is informational because again, it doesn't affect you because you eat confidently with GVF.

Please also keep in mind as you continue to read that I'm a farmer, not a physician, pharmacist and not a veterinarian. I am simply consuming the same "news" that you have and using my knowledge of the industry to make a prediction for the future and how it won't affect you.

Side note: If you are a physician, pharmacist or veterinarian and want to reply to give me you take on this, I'll be happy to share it with our tribe.

My best analysis is that the pandemic accelerated the final development and distribution of mRNA vaccines, which are different than traditional vaccines in several important ways. Now that far fewer are receiving the vaccine, (Un)naturally, Big Pharma needs to make more money so they want to push it out to the next largest group of potential injectees - livestock.

My understanding is that other than the need to keep the mRNA vaccines in a cold chain (similar to perishable food), the new vaccines are easier and cheaper to manufacture and also do not contain the virus like traditional vaccines. For this reason, I believe we'll see it start to be used in the next twelve months or so in the livestock industry. This will further differentiate Grand View Farm meats from the crowd.

Currently, Big Pharma is working to create a version of the mRNA vaccines that do not need to be kept in the cold chain. This will significantly increase their ease of distribution and overall use.

I would assume that the big livestock lobbies will push to keep the roll out hush hush. If it gets out, then they'll just say it's safer than traditional vaccines (the ones they already inject into grocery store-bought meats).

Dad and I will maintain the stance that if we raise livestock correctly, no drugs are needed. But that narrative doesn't suit their interests and doesn't put fuel in their private jets.

The best part of this entire message today is that worst(or best) case scenario, I'm wrong and you remain unaffected because you eat with confidence when you choose to allow us to serve you with drug-free meats.

One more quick point to make here in all of this. You have yourself to thank for having the option to eat drug-free meat from us. Your support over the years means that we still have the privilege to raise livestock on pasture, the way it should be. If it weren't for you, farms like ours wouldn't exist nor would your choice for drug-free meats.

I can't overstate our appreciation for your support of our farm and family. I hope this message was reassuring, informative and inspiring. Have a wonderful week!

Eat Confidently This Week

Your farmer,

- Nick

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