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Spring Chicken Sale 2022

written by

Nick Bailey

posted on

April 20, 2022

Our first batch of broilers for the season are doing well and ready for harvest in mid May. They are enjoying the fresh grass and fresh air, although some slightly warmer temperatures would be a comfortable addition to their outdoor living routine. As many of our long time followers know - we raise broiler chickens out on the pasture and therefore we don’t do it during the winter months. That means there’s a gap in availability of chicken from approximately November to May each year. Most of our customers who are able, stock up during the growing season and use that frozen chicken throughout the winter. We’re so grateful for this and I’m response to that, we will be offering extra savings on bulk purchases starting in May continuing through the rest of 2022. Stay tuned for more about the big 2022 Spring Chicken Sale. 

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