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Quarter Beef Share

Quarter Beef Share

Available July

Order now for our next share fulfillment date this November 2022

Fits in small chest freezer, feeds family of four approximately 6 months.

Beef quarter shares are sold on the split side. This means that in each quarter, you will receive half of the front and half of the hind. You get the best of both worlds!

Customer take-home weight is approximately 90 pounds. Each quarter share is charged only on the weight that you take home. That is all costs included, with your items individually vacuum packed and labeled.

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Quarter Beef Share Packing List *specific roasts, steaks and bone cuts subject to vary

·      One half brisket (approx. 4-5 lbs.)

·      Two Flanken Short Ribs

·      Seven roasts* frequently including eye round, sirloin tip, London broils, bottom and/or rump roast. 

·      20 assorted steaks* in pairs most often. A mix of premium and quick-cut steaks.

·      30 pounds individually packaged 85/15 ground beef

·      Four pounds individually packaged beef cubes

·      One marrow bone

·      Two bone cuts* frequently including soup bone or knuckle bone and cross-cut shank or soup meat.

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Shortly after placing your order, we will process a $100 deposit on the share that will be applied to the final total. You will receive an e-mail at that time with your scheduled share date, as they are not immediately available.