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  Pasture Raised Chicken We keep our customers happy at Grand View Farms by delivering clean, local, pasture-raised chicken. At our family farm, we take pride in ethically raising our animals to deliver clean meat that contains zero GMOs, soy, antibiotics, or hormones. Take advantage of our easy online ordering and convenient home delivery today! Dedicated to Integrity At Grand View Farms, we're dedicated to integrity. Our pasture-raised birds live on fresh pasture, eating grass, legumes, and grains. We don't keep them locked in cages - they're free to roam, explore, and forage. And, when the sun goes down, they're moved into coops where they'll be safe from predators.  Through these practices, we can ensure a healthy and nutritious product. Taste is also improved as a result. Our birds are ethically raised on pasture, allowing us to provide local food that's higher in mineral and vitamin content. It will also have a higher fatty acid content and include no GMOs, no medications, and no antibiotics.  Easily Attainable Getting pasture-raised chicken is made easy at our family farm. We'll deliver products straight to your doorstep through easy online ordering and convenient home delivery. This saves our customers time and energy, allowing them to focus on other important tasks.  Simply add the clean, local food offered by Grand View Farms to your cart and check out. We'll take care of the rest and see to it that your succulent, pasture-raised chicken is delivered straight to your front door.  Shop Pasture Raised Chicken Today If you're interested in purchasing pasture-raised chicken from a trustworthy family farm, look no further than Grand View Farms. We believe in the regenerative power of high animal welfare and the power of pasture-raised livestock.  Browse our online store to order poultry ethically raised on pasture. Place your order today!