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Raised out on pasture & 100% grass fed. No hormones or antibiotics. Taste the difference today!

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NEW Essentials Box

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NEW Essentials - Beef & Chicken Box

A curated collection of Beef and Chicken

Caveman Blend Ground Beef

(5% beef liver added)

Boosted Ground Beef

(5% beef liver added)

Hamburger Patties

Four large patties

Hamburger Slider Patties

Small slider patties

Chipped Steak

Thinly Chipped

Short Ribs Plate

5 pound rib plate

Filet Mignon

One Premium Steak

NY Strip Steak

12 oz. Thick Cut

Delmonico Steak

16 oz Thick Cut

Ribeye Steak

1 Beautiful Steak


1 Beautiful Steak

T-Bone Steak

19 oz. Thick Cut Steak

Flat Iron Steak

8 oz. Quick-cooking Steak

Denver Steak

One quick-cooking steak

Ranch Steak

9 oz. Quick-cooking Steak

Sirloin Steak

19 oz. Thick Cut Steak

Bavette Steak

8 oz. Quick-cooking Steak

Skirt Steak

1 Quick-cooking steak

Flank Steak

25 oz. Quick-cooking Steak

Hanger Steaks

1 Quick-cooking steak

Chuck Eye Steak

11 oz. Quick-cooking Steak

Picanha Sirloin Steak

One Large Quick Cooking Steak

Eye of Round Steak

One quick-cooking steak

Flanken Short Ribs

1 Flanken Short Rib

Tenderloin Tips

Filet Mignon Cubes

Short Ribs Plate - Preorder

4-6 pound bone whole plate

Beef Tenderloin

One whole tenderloin

Brisket - Quarter

Brisket Section

Brisket - Half

One-half Brisket

Brisket - Whole

One whole brisket

London Broil

25 oz. Thick Cut

Chuck Roast - Half

One-half roast

Chuck Roast - Whole

One whole roast

Top Round Roast

1 Beautiful Roast

Sirloin Tip Roast

1 Beautiful Roast

Rump Roast

1 Beautiful Roast

Tri Tip Roast

1 Beautiful Roast

Eye Round Roast

One small roast

Picanha Roast

1 Beautiful Small Roast


1 Sliced Tail

Marrow Bones

4 - 6 Inch Bone
Beef Up Your Diet In a world where all forms of food are typically churned out like a production line, it can take time to find trustworthy sources. You want clean meat that is ethically raised on pasture and contains no GMOs, medications, or antibiotics. However, some farms stand out, and often they are family farms. 100% Grass Fed Vs. Grain Fed Beef Purchasing 100% grass fed beef is undoubtedly the way to go, especially since we offer the convenience of online ordering and FREE Home Delivery on orders $149+. No to mention, there are plenty of health benefits that come along with your order.  Comparing cattle, ethically raised on pasture, to grain-fed beef, studies have shown that there are far more reasons to opt for 100% grass fed beef. These include: - Higher amounts of vitamins A, E, and other antioxidants - Far more omega-3 fatty acids - Notably, fewer saturated fats - Higher levels of iron The Benefits Of Eating 100% Grass Fed Beef Choosing to purchase your meat from Grand View Farm is a surefire way of securing much healthier beef. We have seen some of the nutritional elements; however, what are the top benefits? + Blood Sugar Levels All beef will contain some beneficial fatty acid known as CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), but 100% grass fed beef has much higher levels and aids in supporting healthy blood sugar levels. + Animal Welfare The horrendous nature in which livestock are treated in factory farms is enough to make anyone ill. It's worth your time to opt for 100% grass fed beef sourced from our family farm where you'll find a trustworthy relationship. Purchase 100% Grass Fed Beef From Grand View Farm Today! There are many reasons to purchase high-quality meat from cattle that have been treated humanely. This meat is clean and free of all GMOs, medications, and antibiotics. Shop online 24/7 or visit our on-Farm Store in person. Remember, when you Subscribe & Save you receive an additional 5% off and a FREE item with each order!