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Chimi Bravo Spice Blend

Chimi Bravo Spice Blend

1.5 oz. pouch

Perfect for those who enjoy our original chimichurri but want to add a touch of heat to their grilled meats and fillings.

In this take on the popular Argentinian condiment, dried chilies and sweet paprika are the stars of the show. While it may not be spicy enough to bring tears to your eyes, this mix offers a dynamic performance that is bursting with drama and zeal.

Like the original Chimichurri mix, Chimi Bravo can be whisked with oil and vinegar and served as a condiment, or it can be applied directly to meats before grilling.

  • To make as a sauce, combine this dry mix with olive oil and vinegar. Once made, chimichurri sauce can be applied as a marinade before cooking or served alongside your finished meal. However, for a fun variation on traditional flavors, consider using this mix as a seasoning blend by applying the dry mix directly to meat before grilling. It couldn’t be easier to use!
  • On its own, our Chimichurri mix is packed with vibrant herbal flavors. When mixed as a sauce, this decadent combination of herbs and spices meld together into a tangy masterpiece with a touch of garlic sharpness and a smooth mouthfeel.



Ingredients: Oregano, Parsley, Thyme, Garlic, Salt, Pepper, Double Chili and Sweet Paprika.