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Raised in open pastures. No hormones, no antibiotics. Non-GMO & Soy-free.

  Authentic, Delicious, and Ethical Pork Many of us want to return to a time when you could get pasture-raised pork from a family farm: no soy, no GMOs, and nothing over-processed or artificial.  If you long for healthy and nutritious local food, Grand View Farm can grant your wish.  Our Pork Products Our pork products suit any needs you might have. Cover your breakfast bases with our sausage patties and bacon. You don't have to stress about your lunch break; grab one of our sandwich meats or a hot dog.  Say you're planning an elegant dinner or a backyard barbeque. The choices are endless, from baby back ribs and Italian sausage to sumptuous, savory pork chops. How To Purchase You can pick up your pork straight from the farm if the trip is manageable. But if you don't live near us or don't want to make the drive, don't worry; that's what our convenient home delivery setup is for. We offer an easy online ordering process to get your order straight from our store to your house in just a few clicks.  What Makes Our Products Special?  The treatment of animals in the meat industry has been a source of great concern, and rightfully so, both for ethical reasons and concerns about the products being safe for consumption. That's why our farm prioritizes high animal welfare.  Our animals have all been ethically raised on a pasture in a clean environment. They consume no medications and no antibiotics that are questionable for the health of the animal and the customer. From raising to packaging, integrity is our vow.  Get the Farm Life Experience Shipped Directly to You In today's mass production-driven economy, a trustworthy food market is a rare find. If you want to bring a trustworthy provider of delicious pork into your life, get your first order today!